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Training and Speaking Packages
Name Intended Audience Focus Length
All Organization A timely introduction to organizational privacy, with humorous anecdotes to reinforce topics.
  • What is Operational Security?
  • Why security is everyone's responsibility?
  • What are the repercussions of bad policies?
  • What are trade secrets?
  • One hour

    Optional: small group break-out
    Management, Marketing, IT, & Software Developers Creating campaigns to collect competitive intelligence
  • Why intelligence campaigns fail
  • Intelligence sources
  • The importance of stealth
  • Why automation is essential
  • Half Day
    Management & Human Resources How trade secrets are lost to poorly implemented Operational Security
  • OPSEC Failures
  • Where are secrets are lost?
  • Who is looking for your secrets?
  • Strategies to maintain organizational privacy
  • Half Day
    BOTS 101
    Software developers Based on my book, "Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers", attendees will acquire the technical skills to develop automated agents that collect and act on intelligence.
  • Downloading & parsing webpages
  • API Development
  • AJAX, Legal, & Other issues
  • Signed copies of book: Webbots, Spiders, & Screen Scrapers
  • Full day
    You have a responsibility to know as much as possible about your competition and markets.
    How much information are you giving your competition? Do you have Organizational Privacy policies?
     Training &
    Well informed employees are your only true path to Organizational Privacy.
    Many online processes can be automated for efficiency and cost savings.
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    DEF CON 23: Applied Intelligence: Using information that's not there
    DEF CON 22: You're leaking trade secrets
    DEF CON 21: How my BotNet purchased Millions of Dollars in Cars...
    DEF CON 17: Screen Scraper Tricks: Difficult Cases
    DEF CON 15: The Fabulous Executable Image Exploit
    DEF CON 11: Online Corporate Intelligence
    DEF CON 10: An Introduction to Writing Webbots and Spiders
    DEF CON 5: Computer World: Fear and hacking in Las Vegas
      Organizational Privacy
    Keynote: Secure Computing Forum, Dublin Ireland
    Data Jounralism
    Web Development
    Bot Detector