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Trackrates.com was an in-house project that brings competitive pricing intelligence to hotels.
Trackrates employed an army of computers that check hotel rates several times a day. It performed statistical analysis and delivers pricing intelligence with informative charts and diagrams and dashboards.



Five Star Professional is a Corporate Award and Recognition business.
This website has a massive administrative area that facilitates the office's business process. It also contains a custom CSM that works with their own internal systems.


Nissan Grad was a lead generation site to encourage new college graduates to buy a Nissan.


Senteo is a consulting company that provides customer experience training and environments to financial institutions, primarily in Eastern Europe. They were my client in 2007 & 2008, when I served as their Technology Director.
During this period, I was responsible for the IT staff and strategy, as well as all interactive development. The image to the left shows a page from their corporate website, which I developed. This website was built around a custom, multilingual, Content Management System (CMS).


nPlainView was a logistics website that helped retailers roll-out new retail programs.
Retail planners where able to manage their inventories of store fixtures and graphics as well as maintain maintenance records and reports of in-store inspections.
The website was used by Crocs, Under Armour and Hearth & Home.


S1Depot.com combined a webbot with a online marketplace for ATVs, boats, motor cycles, recreational vehicles, snow mobiles and classic cars.
Members could create (eBay-style) ads or make vehicle purchases online.


Wild View Web is a social media / eCommerce site that sells scouting cameras, which automatically take a picture when an animal enters the field of view.
This website gained a popular reputation, as camera owners are encouraged to upload and comment on each others' photographs.
You have a responsibility to know as much as possible about your competition and markets.
How much information are you giving your competition? Do you have Organizational Privacy policies?
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Well informed employees are your only true path to Organizational Privacy.
Many online processes can be automated for efficiency and cost savings.
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